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Hello! My name is Andrey. I admire the open-source development and am actively following it. I have been programming for seven years, with a few focused on olympiads and the last focused on blockchain.

Skills & Interests

The blockchain development is mostly an architect's work. When working on TON Timer, I had to design contracts' interaction scheme. Several times I had to rework it because I've chosen a data structure that requires to maintain certain invariants, and I mistakenly thought that they are not necessary or will be maintained automatically.

Also, you should be open to the truth, especially when it comes to say that the program is suboptimal. When I realized that the tree-like scheme of timer subcontracts uses two round loops of messages to complete the operation, I've understood that this is not the correct way to do it, and I switched to much simpler architecture that holds all data in a single contract, surprisingly being more gas-efficient.

Recent Activity

The most recent thing I've built

Smart-contract that helps to find domain contracts in TON DNS.

Usually, if you enter some domain in the search bar, you get to the linked wallet - or don't get anywhere if the wallet is not linked. That makes it hard to find domains by their name only.

I've created contract on `resolve-contract.ton`. When you pass the domain name you want to find as subdomain (like `stabletimer.ton.resolve-contract.ton`), you get the address of domain contract. You're then able to renew it, gather statistics or do whatever else.

TON Hall of Fame (updated at 2024-03-19)

TSC #2, 1st place out of 181 TON Test Challenge TON Hack Challenge TON Smart Challenge 3
TON Footstep #110 TON Footstep #123 TON Footstep #124 TON Footstep #150
Ratelance quadratic fund. (DoraHacks Hack-a-TONx) TON Timer (Footstep 71) Audit of TONBanking wallet v5
TON Footstep #251 Hack-TON-berfest 2023 Elliptic Validity Footstep Audit of Hipo Finance